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Product Code: HMRX-101

The HiruMed RAID 'Express’ software is a single user but network installable package intended for use by trained health care professionals in the management of anticoagulant therapy using Warfarin, Sintrome and Coumadin.

The basic design of the software is simple.  In a GP / Doctors office / Pharmacy environment, the Information Technology (IT) infrastructure needed to deliver a clinical service is usually already in place. What is required is a simple method (clinical support tool) for calculating a dose of Warfarin based on established algorithms and methodologies.

The HiruMed RAID 'Express’ software has been specifically designed to provide clinical dose decision support in a lightweight package without the need to manage multiple clinic management systems. To further enhance the product, a direct interface to the Hart-Biologicals MC1 INR testing device is provided.

The software supports a patient database which stores only the parameters needed to calculate a new dose and date of next visit based on the latest INR and previous dose history. A fully user definable printed report is available. Using a user definable template, the software will also exchange dose/visit data with the master clinical system.

We offer two anticoagulant dosing software packages – HiruMed ‘RAID' and RAID 'Express'. Click here to see the product comparison.

Statistical reporting

Statistical reporting is also available with the use of a third party reporting tool.

We offer a standard report template free of charge but we can also offer affordable, fully customised report templates to meet individual requirements.

Click here to view the example standard report template.  Note: Adobe Reader is required to view this example.

This will enable you to have access to a comprehensive set of statistics which can be tailored to meet a wide variety of needs, reducing hours of work

Customer Testimonial

Since starting our Anticoagulant Clinic, the main hurdle we have had to overcome is that of extracting the appropriate data from our clinical software system in order to claim our quarterly PCT payments.  Hirumed have been able to customise the Crystal audit tool to extract from RAID Express our precise requirements, enabling us to set the parameters and produce instant comprehensive reports detailing not only relevant clinical information, but the dates of attendance during specific quarters, date of first attendance, and total attendance dates.  We have found Hirumed exceptionally helpful and are delighted to recommend their services.

Karen Gonet - IM & T Co-ordinator
The GP Centre, North Cheam, Surrey


For information on the cost of this product, please speak to a representative on +44 (0)1793 854500.