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Product Code: HMR-200-01

HiruMed 'RAID' (formerly RAID-Pro™) is a 'stand-alone' or 'multiple user' software package intended for use by trained health care professionals to aid in the management of oral anticoagulant therapy. 

HiruMed 'RAID' Version 2.2.8, offers the following enhanced key features and functionality:

  • PC based, Windows 7 or greater - NOT Windows NT.
  • Can be run from desktop or laptop.
  • Capable of 'stand-alone', 'multiple user' and host interfaced operation.
  • Supports multiple oral anticoagulant drugs.
  • User-definable algorithms
  • Handles patient induction and routine oral anticoagulant therapy (OAT) management.
  • Security (password) protected with multiple levels of access.
  • User-definable clinic attendance lists, reports and physician letters.
  • Handles hospital, outpatient, or clinical trial data using multiple databases.
  • User-definable diagnosis and treatment regimes.
  • Defines target INR to diagnosis or customised to individual patient.
  • Calculates recommended dose and date of next visit.
  • Allows manual override for recommended dose or next visit date.
  • Provides audio-visual alerts.
  • Maintains record of concurrent drugs (interacting or non-interacting).
  • Provides transportation lists.
  • Allows free text notes within patient record.
  • Maintains a complete audit trail.
  • Capable of extensive statistical analysis with data export option.
  • Tracks and reports adverse events.
  • Can be utilised by primary lab, outpatient clinic or affiliated physicians.
  • Bench marking.
  • Utilities to convert data from other anticoagulant packages.
  • NHS Number compliance.

The HiruMed software can be interfaced to the following POC devices:

  • Thrombotrak T2
  • Thrombi-Stat - The Thrombi-Stat coagulometer is available from Hart Biologicals Ltd.

Using a direct instrument interface significantly reduces the risk of INR transcription errors. Supporting the following functions:

  • Audit of data transactions
  • Positive identification of INR
  • Manual validation and release of patient / INR

We also offer a RAID Host Interface as a stand alone module designed to import data from the LIS using a simple delimited file format.

Additional Information

BioMedica, Dublin - HiruMed 'RAID' Flier (*.pdf)   [View]


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