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Below are a list of the websites which may be of use to you (HiruMed accepts no responsibility for the information on third party websites):


Point of Care Services Ltd provide diagnostics and supporting services to the medical profession.


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Brenmoor are the UK market leaders for printable identification wristbands. They also design and manufacture label solutions for sample tubes and blood bags. Many of their products are covered by patents. The HiruMed® 'LMS' software can be used with the Brenmoor product range.


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Hart Biologicals are manufacturers of analysers and reagents that are compatible with the RAID software. Clients choose Hart Biologicals because they recognise that each customer has a different need, a different question, a different problem. And they address these on an individual basis. They do not sell ‘off-the-shelf’ solutions. They work with, rather than for, their customers, to provide a highly personal level of support, help and advice. This flexibility means they can adapt to customers’ needs as their projects or needs progress.


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