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Product Code: HME-01

HiruMed ‘ELEMENTS’ (the System) is a second generation Data Management system from HiruMed.  Built upon the popular HiruMed C-Quel data manager software now in routine use in multiple UK NHS sites, the System provides a single data connection to the host Laboratory Information System for up to three instruments per node.

The System is highly versatile and user friendly offering rapid entry of test requests, printing of work lists, results lists, result reports, patient and analyser Quality Control (QC).

The System may be used ‘stand alone’ on a single local PC or networked via a hosting server installed within the site IT infrastructure. Connection to individual devices can be either RS232 or TCPIP.

When deployed on a hosting server, access to the system is available from any device capable of ‘browsing’ the network and supporting Internet Explorer.

The System is fully customisable, allowing the user site to grow and develop over time in pace with the changing requirements of the laboratory.

HiruMed ‘ELEMENTS’ all the functionality you need from a data manager …  and more


For information on the cost of this product, please speak to a representative on +44 (0)1793 854500.